jan 18

Western storm Jan. 18, 2018

A severe Westerly storm is passing over our country today!

I am back from a windy adventure on the beach at Scheveningen. Watch the video!

In fact, the wind was so strong that people were blowing away:

Western storm coming ashore soon (9:30)

Wind gusts of up to 130km/h are predicted. That’s what we want to see!
Since watching a storm come ashore on the beach is pretty spectacular, I’m going to take a look later. We can’t get a drone in the air today anyway so we have some time. As soon as the storm reaches its peak I am on the beach. I will show some pictures of it later today.

Drone and wind
We have flown our drones in wind force 6, but that was really the limit of what the drones can handle.
If the wind is really too strong for a drone to fly, the pilot gets a notification on his display. There have been cases where the drone just blows away and crashes a long way away. So never take to the air with too strong a wind.
Thereby, taking aerial videos in high winds also goes a lot less smoothly. The drone is constantly correcting itself against the gusts.