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The DJI Inspire 3 is out

DJI, the global leader in camera drones and innovative camera technology, unveils the all-in-one DJI Inspire 3, a sleek, precise, full-frame 8K camera drone tailored for film production of the highest level.

“The Inspire 3 is the professional flagship that all filmmakers have been waiting for,” said Ferdinand Wolf, Creative Director at DJI. “It allows users to fully realize the potential of each recording, as they can record in cinema-quality image that was previously only available with large and clunky camera systems. We look forward to seeing how the Inspire 3 will take aerial cinematography to a whole new level.

Dji Inspire 3: the ultimate cinematic drone experience

This state-of-the-art drone sets a new standard for aerial filming with its streamlined design, 161° ultra-wide field of view, night vision FPV and O3 Pro video transmission and control system, ensuring unparalleled flight performance.

The Inspire 3 can be seamlessly integrated into large film sets and is DJI’s only cinema-quality drone, with RTK-powered Waypoint Pro support and omnidirectional obstacle avoidance. These features enable safer, more accurate flight missions than ever before.

The Inspire 3 features a completely new design, with a lightweight, integrated body with a highly portable, rugged and transformable frame that emphasizes its professional appeal. The FPV camera, visual sensors, positioning antennas and memory card slot fit seamlessly into the airframe and provide a minimalist, contemporary aesthetic.

This advanced design supports the new Tilt Boost and 360° Pan structures. Cinematographers can get creative with their shots thanks to the 80° upward angle of the gimbal suspension when the landing gear is lowered.

With its TB51 intelligent dual batteries, which are hot-swappable, the Inspire 3 has a maximum flight time of 28 minutes. It has a top speed of 94 km/h, ascent and descent speeds of 8 m/s and a diving speed of up to 10 m/s thanks to its powerful propulsion system.

Check out these amazing images shot with the DJI Inspire 3:

We are happy to tell you that we have ordered the new DJI Inspire 3 and if all goes well it will be put into service by us from June 2023. Do you have questions about our future services with the DJI Inspire 3? If so, please feel free to contact us.

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