Drone shooting in Rotterdam & near the airport

Shooting with a drone in Rotterdam or in the port area? We’ll take care of it!

Drone recordings in Rotterdam

Want to have drone shots or aerial photos taken in Rotterdam? Aeriallive has the proper permits and waivers to get this done quickly for you.

Together with our experienced certified drone pilots, we create a flight plan and arrange permission from the necessary authorities.

RT – 2-way radio contact

Open radio communication with air traffic control is required to fly in the vicinity of the airport. Therefore, we will build a 10-meter mast at the location and the shoot will need to be registered before we can take to the air. Fortunately, this is usually a matter of minutes.

Drone pilots

Our pilots are not only good at flying drones, they are also strong at creating the most beautiful drone images. Our drone shooting team consists of experienced drone pilots and camera operators and we ensure a pleasant collaboration during a shoot.

Professional Drones

Your drone recordings will be made with a DJI Inspire 2, DJI’s flagship aircraft. All drones are equipped with a ProRes/RAW license. With that, you are assured of quality! You can choose between two different cameras. The Super 35 X7 or the mft X5S. Both produce images of sublime quality and thus suitable for almost all applications. For more info on cameras check out our drone page.

What we arrange:

  • 100% certified
  • A1, A2, A3 drone pilot
  • Observer and/or Camera operator
  • LVNL flight plan
  • Risk analysis
  • Landowner permission
  • RT – Radio Communications with Air Traffic Control.
  • Airworthy drone
Drone opnames binnen CTR.