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Platform on drones

Want to know all about drones? Then take a look at Dronewatch! you’ll find lots of useful information about drones. You will find spectacular drone videos and you will find many articles about regulations.

Getting a license to fly

If you want to fly a drone in the EU, you need a drone certificate. There are several categories that drones fall under. Do you also want to get your Drone flying license?

Photographers and exhibiting

Find photography and exhibitions on Photoexposition

The best timelapse photographer

Those who want a timelapse of a construction project or other long-term project can have it done by a professional timelapse photographer. One of these well-known timelapse photographers is Ruben Renaud. Ruben Renaud founded the Timelapse Reporter several years ago. The Timelapse Reporter uses real DSLR camera to create timelapses of the highest possible quality.

Can you also take aerial photos with a kite?

Those who think you can only take aerial photos with a drone, plane or helicopter are wrong. Cees Kuppens Eibergen shows with his photo kites that you can also take beautiful aerial photos using a kite.


Being a photo journalist is not always easy. You should always be on the scene on time. FotoJakma manages to create clear representations of events.

Bring your staff together during a company outing

As a company, it is good to have your staff get together regularly for a company outing. Those who want an original company outing can have a company outing organized in Haarlem.

Digitizing old photographs and video footage

Almost everyone still has old negatives or rolls of film lying around somewhere. These can only be viewed with special projectors. Here, many people don’t look at their old images much, if at all. Digitizing may be the solution. After digitizing, you will always have access to your old images. The company Trigger can help you digitize film and video in this regard.

Music for children

Listening to music is an important part of children’s development. Listen to the cutest children’s songs.

Leisure Time

Leisure Time is the new online booking portal for finding and booking your ideal vacation rental. Find dream vacations, discover new vacation destinations and get inspired for your next vacation adventure! Leisure Time helps you find vacation rentals where you will enjoy an unforgettable vacation that meets all your needs. Personal, easy and quick. All you have to do at Leisure Time is discover what you like and enjoy your free time. Exactly as it should be! Find out for yourself at leisuretime.com!

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