Aeriallive is a professional drone company and is fully “specific” certified. Want to have drone recordings made by experienced drone pilots with extensive experience in both videography and aerial photography? Our team supports the production of corporate videos, TV film productions and promotional videos. We also create complete videos ourselves incl. edit and professional (aerial) photography.

Looking for a company that can do drone recordings in cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Eindhoven? Or near airports like Schiphol or over port areas may fly? Our team is ready for you! With our extensive EASA waivers, we realize aerial surveys almost everywhere in the Netherlands.

With professional equipment, experienced drone pilots, camera operators and editors, Aeriallive is a reliable partner. We offer our customers quality in images, comprehensive service and plenty of flexibility.

Professionele luchtvideo drones Nederland

Have drone video made?

Those who have a drone video made attract attention! Aeriallive is a professional drone company and captures every detail razor sharp on cinema quality.

Having drone recordings made near airports such as Amsterdam/Schiphol, Rotterdam or above buildings is also among the possibilities. We are fully certified!

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Luchtfoto's laten maken door een professioneel drone bedrijf.

Have an aerial photo taken?

With our aerial photo drones and manned aircraft, we are able to take high-quality aerial photos. We achieve the best results with professional drones and various lenses.

Experienced aerial photographer
Our drone photographers know from experience how best to take an aerial photograph. Light and proper composition are important factors here.

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Het FPV drone video bedrijf van Nederland

Making FPV drone video

What is an FPV drone?
FPV stands for First Person View. FPV drones offer a new experience in video production. With our FPV “fly throughs,” we offer the viewer the ultimate drone video experience.

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Lichtgewicht draagbare video crane

Promotional videos

Let us also create an effective promotional video! Great for social media, Youtube and presentations. Show within a minute what your business is about and generate more followers. We combine regular camera work with drone recordings.

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Van luchtopnames tot videoproducties.

Video Productions

Using innovative equipment and a large dose of creativity, we create the most beautiful promotional videos and corporate films for your company.

We add a dynamic touch to your ideas and communicate a clear story.

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Luchtfotograaf vanuit een vliegtuig

Aerial photo aircraft

With manned aircraft, we are allowed to fly over cities, towns and even right next to airports such as Schiphol Airport. This allows us to take aerial photographs of almost any location in the Netherlands. Together with our partner, we fly from Rotterdam Airport.

From a plane…



Aeriallive Productions consists of a small team of driven freelancers. All team members have been working within our drone company since 2009 and have a background in with video and photography.

Because of the small team, we are very flexible, work efficiently and you don’t pay unnecessary costs.

Drone video pilot