FPV videos impress your viewers. Because FPV drone have only been around for a relatively short time, the images are especially striking. With an FPV drone, you can fly through small passages, from outside to inside, into business areas or through machinery. 1 take can be enough to turn an entire company into an FPV drone video. Looking for a professional FPV drone company?

FPV drone video

Having an FPV drone video made gets you noticed. The uniqueness of drones creates a whole new experience in video content. The images take you on a bird’s-eye view and tell the whole story in one flight!

What is an FPV drone?

FPV stands for first-person-view. In fact, this means “what the drone sees, the FPV drone pilot also sees. With a traditional drone, you also look at a screen, but see where you point the camera. With an FPV drone, the pilot watches the image through video glasses from a fixed camera on the drone. As a result, it feels like you are in the drone’s cockpit. This also makes it possible to fly through small passages without hitting anything.

Is an FPV drone safe?

Aeriallive’s FPV drones are equipped with propeller guards. In addition, the weight of our smallest FPV drone is only 200grams. This also makes it possible to fly safely past valuable objects or people.

  • Een FPV drone video laten maken doe je zo.

4K, 50fps Ultra HD Images

Despite the small size of the cameras on the FPV drones, the images are good quality 4K footage. Drone recordings are unquestionably suitable for most video productions.

Devise scenes and tell your story

Add scenes to your FPV drone video and impress even more. Scenes can play an important role in conveying the story you want to tell. During pre-production, our drone team will help you come up with scenes and discuss possible flight paths.

They don’t have to be complicated scenes. Your colleagues can just keep doing what they’ve always done. Simple scenes may include, opening a door for the drone, holding up a sign with a text, flying documents through air or an extended consultation. You can make the video as elaborate as you want. And we help you implement it.