Have a drone video made in Eindhoven?

Aeriallive shoots drone footage in Eindhoven. Safe and certified.

Drone recordings Eindhoven

Anyone in Eindhoven and surrounding areas who wants to have drone videos or aerial photos taken must be fully certified. In fact, Eindhoven and the surrounding area lies in the controlled airspace of Eindhoven and Volkel Airport. Any drone flight must be authorized by the Department of Defense and coordinated with air traffic control.

If you still want to make drone recordings in Eindhoven then we would like to help you! We arrange permission within 24h and are ready to make beautiful images. Our customers don’t need to arrange anything else.

EU certified drone pilots

Safety is our top priority. Our trained drone pilots focus on creating beautiful drone images while our observers ensure safety on the ground and in the air.

What are you using our drone for?

There is often a lot to do in cities. Reason enough to take drone shots there. These can be corporate videos, real estate projects, events, TV and film productions or promotional videos. Aeriallive is a professional partner in the field of drone recording within urban areas.

What we arrange:

  • Gecertificeerd
  • A1,2,3 drone piloot
  • Observer en/of Camera operator
  • Indienen vluchtplan MinDef
  • Risico analyse
  • Toestemming landeigenaar
  • Communicatie met de luchtverkeersleiding

Our drones

For making drone videos in Eindhoven, you have a variety of drones to choose from. Our DJI Inspire 2 with X7 delivers the best quality. Up to as much as 6K ProRes RAW! In addition, 4 different prime lenses can be used. Using a telephoto lens can provide fantastic parallax effects near buildings. Our DJI Mavic 3 is a lot lighter and only has a fixed lens. Nevertheless, this drone also delivers sublime image quality and is safer to fly due to its light weight.

Communication with Eindhoven Airport

To take drone shots in Eindhoven Airport’s no-fly zone, a flight plan must be submitted in writing to the Ministry of Defense for each drone mission. Before we can take to the air, air traffic control must give clearance. This is done by telephone.

Low additional costs
The additional cost to fly a drone in Eindhoven depends on the size of the job. Generally, the additional costs consist only of preparing flight plans and communication with the Department of Defense.

Drone opnames in Eindhoven laten maken.