Video productions

Full service video productions such as corporate videos, promotional videos and social media

Full service video productions

We combine our experience and passion for videography and photography with high-quality aerial recordings. We provide our customers with effective corporate videos and promotional videos to share with the world on all available mediums. Would you like to know more about our full service video productions? Feel free to call or email us.

During pre-production we will have a conversation with you in which all your wishes will be discussed. The ultimate goal is to arrive at a general plan of action together. After all important points have been discussed, we will get to work for you. We use the information discussed to create a storyboard that incorporates your objectives. It will be presented as soon as we have finished this.

After the storyboard or script has been presented and we have received your approval, one or more production days are scheduled. Because a lot of preliminary work has already been done and the necessary things have been prepared, the shooting day(s) will go smoothly. Our team will ensure that all planned recordings are made with the desired quality. 

As soon as all recordings are finished, we start post-production. The recordings are sorted and the best recordings are selected. We will then look for suitable supporting music for the video, if necessary. A voice-over may be necessary. In that case, this will be discussed with you during pre-production.

Once we have completed the installation, we will contact you again and it will be shown to you via a protected page. On this page you can place direct feedback in the shots using a handy online 'tag' tool. You will always receive the first 2 rounds of feedback from us as standard (this does not apply to major structural adjustments)



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