European 'specific' certified drone company

EASA EU Specific certification

Aeriallive Productions is a certified drone company that has a European 'SPECIFIC' permit. This 'SPECIFIC' category permit allows us to make drone flights near airports, above contiguous buildings and port areas. In addition, we have an additional outside UDP (universal daytime period) exemption to also fly at night. Our team is knowledgeable about current regulations and keeps a close eye on changes. Aeriallive Productions is one of the few drone companies that is allowed to make drone recordings almost everywhere in Europe. 


Our drone flights are insured for a maximum damage amount of €5,000,000. Our insurance covers both material damage and damage resulting from bodily injury. This way you can have an assignment carried out by us without any surprises and with peace of mind.

Manual & safety

To stay up to date with regulations and safety regulations, we work together with Droneconsultency. Droneconsultency guides operators in writing operational manuals, provides courses and, if necessary, acts as a bridge between operators and the authorities.

Special possibilities

A Specific EU license gives you safety

Flight planning 'specific'


Prior to each drone assignment within the specific category, we create an extensive flight plan with a risk analysis. In this way we identify all possible risks. If flights fall within a CTR (controlled airspace), permission must first be obtained from air traffic control. At civilian airports such as Schiphol, Rotterdam/The Hague Airport and Maastricht, we are in direct connection with air traffic control during the drone flight using (RT) Radio Telecommunications. We ensure that everything is neatly in order. 



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