Fly safely in the city or at airports

EASA EU Specific certification

Anyone who wants to fly a drone close to airports or above adjacent buildings will, in addition to a pilot's license, also need additional permits and exemptions.

To be allowed to make drone flights in the Netherlands, the drone pilot must be in possession of one or more pilot licenses. There are also many places, such as close to airports, above cities or port areas, where you are only allowed to fly if you have additional permits and exemptions.

Aeriallive has the most extensive SPECIFIC certification, which allows us to carry out drone flights in difficult locations under certain conditions. 

We then make an escape plan and a risk analysis. So you can be sure that the recordings will be safe!

A Specific EU license gives you safety

Specific license


Aeriallive is a drone company with a SPECIFIC EU license.
Together with our certified pilots, we provide safe and legal drone flights above all countries within the European Union we can also be deployed abroad.

Is the flight location near an airport or within a closed building? No problem, in many cases we can also carry out drone flights there.


Our drone company have insurance that covers any damage up to €5,000,000. This way you can have an assignment carried out by us without any surprises and with peace of mind.

Manual & safety

To stay up to date with regulations and safety regulations, we work together with Droneconsultency. Droneconsultency guides operators in writing operational manuals, provides courses and, if necessary, acts as a bridge between operators and the authorities.

Special possibilities



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