Drone & Cameras

Professional drones and camera equipment to take your productions to the next level

Our drones


Because every assignment is different, we have different drones. From professional high-end cinema drones to ultra-light drones. We also have various FPV drones to fly 130km along the coast or through the smallest passages.

Aeriallive uses the DJI Mavic 3 Pro as a drone company.

DJI Mavic 3 Pro

European Drone Company based in The Netherlands

DJI Inspire 3 X9

Have an FPV drone video made

FPV drones


Video productions with professional cameras.

Panasonic S1

The Panasonic S1 with Pro lenses is a professional system camera that can be used for both photography and video. We can also assist from the ground during drone shoots with our regular cameras. 

Drone equipment gear topshot

Full Service

For every video shoot we look at what equipment we need. We can illuminate rooms with LEDs, conduct interviews, or use action cams and camera stabilizers such as a Ronin. The customer can watch on a viewing monitor. In short, we have everything needed to create a successful video production.

RT-Drone Operator

RT station

We have our own portable aviation radio station with a built-in battery and radio authorization to communicate with air traffic control.  



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