Have FPV drone recordings made

Have FPV drone recordings made

FPV drone videos by professional pilots


FPV videos will impress your spectators. Because FPV drones have only been around for a relatively short time, the images are extra striking. With an FPV drone video you can fly from the outside to the inside of business premises through small passages and machines. 1 take can be enough to visualize an entire company. Are you looking for a professional FPV drone company with experienced pilots?

What is an FPV drone?

FPV stands for first-person view. In fact, this means 'what the drone sees, the FPV drone pilot also sees. With an FPV drone, the pilot looks through video glasses at the image recorded by a fixed camera on the drone. This makes it feel like you are sitting in the cockpit of the drone. This also makes it possible to fly through small passages without hitting anything.

FPV drone video

Anyone who has an FPV drone video made stands out. The unique character of the drones allows you to create a completely new experience in the field of video content. The FPV images take you from a bird's eye view and tell the whole story in one flight! More and more companies have been inspired and had an FPV drone video made. 

Our FPV drones

Aeriallive works with professional FPV drone. From the most common Gopro FPV drones to high-end drones with BlackMagic or Komodo. We have a suitable setup for every production. Our drone pilots have a lot of experience working on sets and our gear fits in seamlessly with this. Inquire about which setup is most suitable for your video production or intended purpose. Keep in mind that a small GoPro drone can fly through door frames more easily and a large BlackMagic or Komodo drone cannot.

Coming up with script & scenes

Add scenes to your FPV drone video and make an even bigger impression. Scenes can play an important role in conveying the story you want to tell. During pre-production, our FPV drone team will help you come up with scenes and go over the flight routes. You can make the video as extensive as you want. Consider a voice-over that explains what you see or a presenter who walks along with the drone. We help you from A to Z with the implementation of your ideas.

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FPV drone promotional video Van Poelgeest.
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By a professional FPV drone video pilot.
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