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Drone videos by certified pilots

Drone videos

It is best to leave drone recordings to a certified drone company. This ensures safe drone flights. Most certified drone video companies work with professional drones and deliver high-quality images. Do you want to have drone recordings made for a corporate video, promotional purposes, TV, film or series? Our team is ready for you. 

Complete video editing & set experience

Hire the best drone pilots to make drone recordings to support corporate videos, promotional videos and social media campaigns. But we also have experience on set in commercials, TV, film, series and documentaries. Having a complete drone video made including editing is also possible. 

How much does a drone recording cost?

Having drone recordings costs on average between €340 and €1500. In addition to the standard hourly rate, the location and type of drone also influence the price. When making drone videos close to airports, port areas and connected buildings, the price is higher. This is because additional flight planning is necessary and sometimes the flight plan must first be approved by the authorities. Check out our prices for a complete drone video including editing.

Choice of different drones

Which type of drone what is most suitable for making a drone video depends on the intended purpose. For large video productions, commercials and feature films, a full-frame camera with a drone is not an unnecessary luxury. Our DJI Inspire 3 with X9 8K Full Frame camera is the best choice in that case. But for an average corporate video, promotional video or event, you can get by with a smaller drone. The DJI Mavic 3 Pro is a perfect choice. They are both professional drones with sublime image quality that will surprise many. Are you looking for FPV drone recordings? Then take a look at our FPV videos.

Full specification certification

It is not always allowed to make drone recordings. To fly within no-fly zones or at night you need at least a SPECIFIC license. Aeriallive Productions has these permits and exemptions and can therefore make drone recordings almost anywhere in the Netherlands and other EU countries. This also makes it possible to fly close to airports and within all urban areas. Read more about this here making drone videos in Amsterdam , The Hague, Eindhoven or in Rotterdam

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With the DJI Inspire 3 X9 Full Frame drone we deliver the most professional drone recordings.
It is best to have a drone recording made with an experienced drone pilot.
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Our professional drones

Drone video including installation

A complete video including editing is also possible. If desired, we add appropriate music, a voice-over or animated texts. A video is often only truly complete if regular camera work is also involved. Naturally, we also offer these options to our customers. Our drone videos are suitable for YouTube, presentations, TV and social media. 

Coming up with concepts for a drone video


In order to make the best drone videos, we first discuss all your wishes with you. Don't have any ideas yet? We would be happy to think along with you and first develop an effective concept.

Drones offer different image quality.


Whether it concerns a business premises, real estate project, factory or a holiday park, with our 8K full frame drone and experienced pilots we make the difference and capture every project in a unique way.


Aeriallive itself has all the video equipment needed to create a complete corporate video, presentation or promotional video. In addition to a good camera, we have studio LEDs, microphones, green screens, action cams and camera stabilizers.


Have all the images been taken? Then we make a complete video montage of it. If desired, add background music, logos, texts and animations.
Not completely satisfied yet? We will then be happy to adjust the video for you.

Have drone video made of a sporting event.
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Zuidas drone recordings
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