Drone video Eindhoven

Drone video Eindhoven

Anyone who wants to have drone videos or aerial photos taken in Eindhoven and the surrounding area must be fully certified as a drone company. Eindhoven and the surrounding area are located in the controlled airspace of Eindhoven and Volkel Airport. The Ministry of Defense must give permission for every drone flight and the flights must be coordinated with air traffic control. If you want to make drone recordings in Eindhoven, we are happy to help you! We will arrange permission within 24 hours and we will be ready to take beautiful images. Our customers do not have to arrange anything else.

Drones offer different image quality.

Professional drones

There is a choice of different drones. The DJI Inspire 3 with X9 is DJI's flagship and allows you to create images of the highest possible quality. The output is max 8K ProRes RAW / 45MP  and there is a choice of different lenses. Our Mavic 3 Pro is a very good alternative for flights with a higher risk. Read more about our here gear.

Why aeriallive in Eindhoven?

Aeriallive offers quality, flexibility and a good dose of experience when making drone recordings. As a professional drone company, we always try to get the best out of a drone shoot and invest in a pleasant and sustainable collaboration. You can have drone recordings made to supplement a company video, create promotional material or to make drone videos and aerial photos of business premises, real estate projects or events.

The best specifications for aerial photography.


Flight plan and Clearance

To fly a drone in the CTR of Eindhoven Airport, you must have a flight plan approved by the Ministry of Defense. When we receive an order, we make an escape plan and arrange permission. In most cases you will not experience any inconvenience from this.

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