RC buggy cam

Customized and compatible with a Ronin MX or 360 Pilar rig.

RC Buggycam

Our RC buggycam is a similar model to the well-known Freefly Tero. The chassis is virtually the same. We have adapted the original so that you can quickly attach a Ronin MX or 360 camera to it.

With our radio buggy cam and DJI Ronin MX we are able to take impressive shots from a very low point of view over a 360º angle of view. The top speed including camera is approximately 50 km/h. Its fast acceleration makes tracking moving objects easier.

The buggycam can be rented exclusively Ronin MX. Ask about the options and our rates.

360 VR Buggycam

It is also possible to equip the buggy cam with an Insta360 Pro v2 or comparable camera.



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