Artist impressions

Aerial photos, eye level photography & video. At any location throughout the Netherlands!

Photography and video - artist impressions

To give an artist impression a realistic and credible character, the implementation of photography is essential. That is why we have put together a special artist impression photography service for our customers. In order to fully serve our customers, we make both drone photos and videos as well as eye-level photos.

Drone aerial photography company for artist impressions

Precise work

When taking drone photos and video for artist impressions, accuracy is a must. After all, the 3D models must fit exactly in the right place in the photographed background. In addition, the right light is essential so that the lighting matches well. We have a lot of experience with this and will always read the briefings carefully.

VR photography

In addition to standard aerial photographs, we also supply 360 aerial photographs that we take with the same precision. To optimally serve our customers, we deliver the 360 ​​VR recordings stitched. Depending on the desired format, the 360 ​​aerial photos have a resolution of 130MP to a maximum of 300MP. Only DSLR quality.

No-fly zones

Aeriallive has the appropriate exemptions to fly within no-fly zones and urban areas. In almost all cases we can provide our customers with professional drone recordings that are suitable for artist impressions. Applying for drone flights near an airport only takes 24 to 48 hours.

Become a customer

Become a regular customer and we will give 20% discount on the first assignment you have us carry out. Do you have many assignments? We can then offer a special rate in consultation.

Fast delivery

Delivery within 24 hours * in JPG, RAW or TIF format via WeTransfer or by post.
Urgent delivery via 5G is possible on request.
*after the day of admission.

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