Aerial photos from an airplane

Aerial photography plane

Aerial photographs from an airplane provide a completely different perspective than from a drone. We take professional aerial photos with the help of an airplane, experienced aerial photographers and DSLR cameras. Aeriallive is your reliable partner for aerial recordings of real estate plots, business premises, offshore, ships and new construction projects.

Depending on the intended purpose, the provided resolution of the aerial photos is 24MP or 61 MP JPG+RAW.

When do you use an airplane?

If you want to have something of a large size or a difficult to reach location photographed, using an airplane is sometimes the best option. Consider a large construction project, nature reserve or offshore. Due to the greater height, details are less visible and you sometimes lose the horizon. In short, aerial photographs from an aircraft produce a completely different result than aerial photographs taken with a drone. We are happy to advise you which option is best for you.

The best specifications for aerial photography.

How, what and where

Combi flight

Are you not in a hurry to deliver the aerial footage? Then choose a combination flight. As soon as we receive 4 or more requests, the aerial photos will be taken. * the delivery time is max. 8 weeks.

€ 320 ex. VAT


The delivery time for aerial photographs is approximately 2 weeks. Different rates apply for taking aerial photos within the standard delivery, depending on the location. Therefore, please inquire about prices and conditions.

€ 475 ex. VAT

Fast delivery

In case of an urgent request, the aerial photos can usually be delivered within 48 hours. The condition is that the weather permits flying.

€595 ex VAT.



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