Aerial photography

45MP Full Frame Aerial Photos – within No-Fly-Zones

Aerial photography

Drone photographer and aerial photographer for the best aerial photos 
Fast and professional delivery throughout the Netherlands, 100% certified within no-fly zones!  

Have aerial photos taken by a professional drone company.

Aerial photos

To take a perfect drone photo, you need a good angle, bright incident light and the right height. These are important ingredients for an aerial photo. Fortunately, our experienced drone photographers and aerial photographers know all about this. We take the perfect aerial photos for you! Drone photos are suitable for imaging plots of companies or homes, but also construction projects, offshore & port projects, nature reserves and estates. 

Aerial photos can be taken with a drone or airplane.

Drone or plane?

Aerial photography with a drone or airplane? Which means is suitable for your assignment depends on the location and the result to be achieved. An airplane is the obvious choice for taking an aerial photo of a large area. But usually our preference is to use a drone. Our team is happy to advise you on this. View the options we offer here aeroplane to have aerial photographs taken.

Photography artist impressions

How much does an aerial photo cost?

With us, having aerial photos taken costs between € 329 and € 469. The exact costs vary depending on the location and the specific wishes of the customer. Flying in no-fly zones and above buildings is possible, but entails additional costs. 

Take a quick look at the prices for our aerial photo packages.

Professional drone recording company with permits.

Fast delivery and a wide choice of aerial photos

After taking the aerial photos, we will send you the recordings within 24 hours. You will receive a wide selection of images and choose the photos that you want edited. Post-processing is reasonably included! 

Delivery within 24 hours * in JPG, RAW or TIF format via WeTransfer or by post.
Urgent delivery via 5G is possible on request.
*after the day of admission.

Drones offer different image quality.

Image quality

Aerial photographs taken with a full frame camera provide the highest image quality. To provide our customers with the best aerial photos, we fly 45MP full frame drones and to retain as much detail as possible, the photos are taken in RAW+JPG. RAW photos ensure that all important details are retained.

Drone photography for 3D visualisations.

Artist Impressions

Have our photographer take both the aerial photos and the photos at eye level. We have years of experience with this and work exclusively with professional cameras. 360 degree photography and accurate waypoint flights are also options.

The best specifications for aerial photography.




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