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Founder, EU certified drone pilot, Camera operator & production manager

Jorrit Pit obtained his Bachelor of Design from the St. Joost Academy in 2008. In 2004 he started as an independent photographer with Jorrit Pit Photography, from which Aeriallive emerged. With his work he won first prize at the Pers Museum Amsterdam in a national contest and came third for the Nikon Photo Prize in 2008 and his work could be admired for some time in the Hague Photography Museum.

Ruben Renaud

Camera operator, observer & assistant

Ruben Renaud received his Bachelor of Design from the Academy of Visual Arts in Breda in 2007. His work has been regularly exhibited and he has received several nominations. Ruben has worked as a cameraman and observer since the start of Aeriallive Productions and has therefore gained a lot of experience in the drone sector. In addition to working as a camera operator, he specializes in making long-term timelapse projects.

Lennart van der Zouwen

Experienced FPV drone pilot

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Making aerial videos has of course been around for a long time and at the time this was only possible with the help of regular helicopters and airplanes. In 2007, two Germans launched construction kits (Mikrokopter) with which you could build a drone yourself that could be equipped with a professional DSLR photo camera.


In 2009 we decided to take a chance and bought a DIY kit from the two Germans from Mikrokopter. There was no camera gimbal underneath as we know it today. We built the first camera gimbals ourselves and they were stabilized with slow servos. With this drone we could only take aerial photos. This construction stabilized not fast enough for smooth video.


After many months of testing, we succeeded in 2010 in developing a camera system with which we could make relatively useful drone footage.
We were the first to film for popular TV programs as Wie is de Mol and Expedition Robinson. But Center Parcs has also become a loyal customer of ours thanks to our drones.

Developments have progressed at a rapid pace in recent years and professional commercial drones are now for sale in many places.



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