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Pioneer in the field of professional drone video and aerial photography since 2009

Welcome to Aeriallive Productions

Aeriallive is a professional full service drone company and is fully Specific EU certified. Do you want to have drone recordings made by pilots with a lot of knowledge and experience in both videography and photography? Our team supports the production of corporate videos, TV & film productions, series and more. You have also come to the right place for complete video productions including editing and professional photography.

With our extensive EASA exemptions, we can carry out aerial shoots almost everywhere in the Netherlands. This can be cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven or close to airports such as Schiphol or above port areas.

Aeriallive Productions is your reliable partner. We offer our customers quality images, extensive service and a lot of flexibility when making appointments.


Want to make drone recordings?

Experience the unparalleled quality of drone videos with our cutting-edge DJI Inspire 3 X9 full-frame system, capable of delivering stunning 8K RAW footage. Our extensive license allows us to capture aerial perspectives near airports, above buildings, and in port areas

FPV drone filming

Our FPV drone videos offer the viewer the ultimate drone video experience! Our experienced FPV drone pilots can be deployed anywhere. Choose from an FPV drone with a GoPro11, Blackmagic or Komodo.

Aerial photography

Aerial photos up to 45MP. Our photographers have more than 22 years of experience and we work exclusively with professional drones. With our permits and exemptions we can fly almost anywhere.

Video productions

Whether you are looking for a corporate video, promotional video or social media campaign, Aeriallive is your creative partner in the field of full-service video productions. Our small, close-knit team makes us extremely flexible and keeps lines short.

Get to know Aeriallive Productions

Drone recording company Aeriallive was founded in 2009, a year after our graduation from the St. Joost Academy, Breda. The idea soon arose to build drones, with which we could discover completely new perspectives in the field of aerial photography and video.

In addition to video and photography, we have a lot of knowledge in the field of technology. This ideal combination gave us the opportunity to perfect our DIY drone for making aerial videos and aerial photos. That's how it was Aeriallive pioneer in the field of commercial drones.

Since then, we have always been looking for new ways and perspectives to create unique video footage and aerial photographs.

In addition to making high-quality drone videos and aerial photos, we distinguish ourselves by offering flexibility and thinking in terms of solutions.

Aeriallive is a fully 'specific' certified drone company and we focus on legally providing aerial footage above areas that are inaccessible to many companies.

Flexible and experienced drone team

Aeriallive Productions consists of a small team of passionate freelancers. All team members have been working within our drone company since 2009 and have a background in video and photography.

Our small team makes us very flexible, efficient and you do not pay unnecessary costs.

Drone pilot with experience since 2009

Want to rent a drone pilot?

Hire a drone pilot with a lot of experience and fly under SPECIFIC certification. With our permit, our drone pilots can be deployed almost anywhere in the Netherlands and the EU. 

Whether you need aerial drone support for a (feature) film, commercial, TV program, corporate video, photography for an artist impression or real estate project, we have the expertise and experience to deliver the images you need. Our team is always ready to discuss your wishes and advise you on the possibilities.

Because we have been able to work with many different producers and companies in recent years, our knowledge in the field of drone filming and aerial photography has grown enormously. This means you are assured of highest-quality aerial images.

Our references

Hans the Younger
Hans the Younger
Jorrit is a great pilot and always willing to go the extra mile to get the perfect shot. His photography background shows in the shots he makes!
Monique van der Deijl
Monique van der Deijl
Nice production company to work with. Very satisfied with our new corporate video.
Paul Keyzer
Paul Keyzer
It is very nice to work with this company! Professional, flexible and always high quality.
Joris van den Berg
Joris van den Berg
Did a shoot together with Aeriallive Productions for a customer of ours. Very pleasant cooperation! The shoot took place in a strict no-fly zone close to Rotterdam Airport, thanks to Jorrit's professionalism this was no problem at all. Jorrit has all the equipment and qualifications.
We manage a number of guarded parking lots for trucks throughout the Netherlands and needed aerial images to visualize these locations. Aeriallive did this job very well! Very skilled and passionate men (you also have to be passionate to fly ;-). Artistic and flexible. Very nice and fun collaboration with Jorrit and Ruben. Friendly yet very professional. In addition to enthusiasm and both technical and artistic insight, Aeriallive has special equipment, training, permits and exemptions that allow them to fly to many locations that are not accessible to other companies (in our case, including the airport flight path). Also fascinating to see how an extremely high mast is built for contact with air traffic control. Besides all this, it is of course also about the result and that is fantastic! Very satisfied! Glad we chose this company! Highly recommended!
Drone Chiefs
Drone Chiefs
Despite the amount of fog, we were still able to take some nice shots. Jorrit is a pilot with a lot of experience and a great understanding of regulations and drones. Thank you for the pleasant cooperation and see you next time!


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