Drone shots real estate

Need aerial photos and drone videos of real estate projects? Aeriallive offers a comprehensive suite of services that will help sell your projects. Our professional and experienced team is always at your service.

Enrich your real estate portfolio as a broker or developer
A new apartment complex, office building or estate is captured attractively and clearly so that your clients can get a better idea of your real estate projects. When taking aerial photographs, we combine global overviews with detailed images from lower altitudes. Aerial photos and aerial videos add undeniable value to real estate portfolios and promote sales.

Promote your site with impressive aerial photos and aerial videos.
Your resort, golf course, hotel, sports complex or amusement park is captured from the air so that you get attractive images that you can use for commercial purposes. You can also have special historic buildings impressively captured to attract more visitors.

Aerial photo

360° virtual tours
360° virtual tours are an excellent tool to enhance the user experience of your website. 360 virtual tours are not only attractive to look at, but they can also provide an additional visual boost to accelerate the sale of your real estate projects.

Promotional videos and exclusive 360 panoramas
We also produce promotional videos showing all the highlights from both the air and the ground. To give your presentations even more content and atmosphere, you can also use us to create panoramas of 360, 180 and 90 degrees.

Unique to us are the combinations we can make between 360° aerial photos and interiors. Thus, visitors to your virtual tours get an impressive experience of both the surroundings and the interiors of your real estate projects.

Het Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam
Amsterdam Central Station
Brouwersgracht Amsterdam
Luchtfoto Rembrandt toren Amsterdam & Amstel
Luchtfoto Kop van Zuid, Rotterdam
Drone opnames Den Haag
Offshore luchtfotografie
Kincardine Off Shore
Erasmusbrug Rotterdam