SPECIFIC EU drone license

Anyone wishing to fly a drone close to airports or above contiguous buildings needs additional permits and exemptions in addition to a license to fly.

To shoot drone footage in the Netherlands, the drone pilot must hold a license to fly. But there are also many places in the Netherlands where you must have additional permits and exemptions to fly.

For example, Aeriallive has the most comprehensive SPECIFIC certification which we have expanded to include a number of waivers. These additional exemptions allow flying near airports, over buildings or over roads.
In addition to the necessary paperwork and professional drone equipment, they provide a flight plan and risk analysis. So you can be sure that the recordings will be safe!


Aeriallive is a SPECIFIC EU licensed drone company.
Together with our certified pilots, we provide safe and legal drone skies over the Netherlands and are also deployable abroad.

Is the flight location near an airport or within an enclosed development? No problem, in many cases we can perform drone flights there as well.


Our drones have insurance that covers possible damages up to €2,600,000. This way, you can have no surprises, with peace of mind, when you have a job done by us.


To stay up to date with regulations and safety regulations, we work with Droneconsultency. Droneconsultency guides operators in writing operational manuals, provides training courses, and acts as a bridge between operators and authorities when necessary.


  • Above contiguous development
  • Flying over roads < 80 km/h
  • About industry, vessels, vehicles and works of art;
  • Near airports (CTR) with flight plan LVNL and RT Com
  • < 120m