Experience high-resolution aerial photography! Using an aircraft, experienced photographers and DSLR cameras, we create high-profile aerial photographs. Aeriallive is your reliable partner for aerial photography of real estate properties, commercial buildings and new construction projects.

With a manned aircraft, we can take aerial photographs of almost any location in the Netherlands. Even in places where drones are prohibited from flying. Together with our partners, we deploy aircraft from Lelystad Airport or Rotterdam Airport.

Do you have questions or want advice on aerial photography options? Feel free to contact us and we will answer all your questions.
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Hoe, wat & waar

Hoe, wat & waar

Vanaf een hoog perspectief
Snel inzetbaar (ook bij veel wind)
> 300m hoogte (meestal)
Alleen luchtfotografie
Alleen bij helder weer

Combi flight

Not in a hurry to deliver aerial shots? Then opt for a combo flight. As soon as we receive 4 or more applications, aerial photographs will be taken. * delivery time is up to 8 weeks. Usually less

Standard delivery

Delivery time for aerial photos is about 1 week. Different rates apply for aerial photography within standard delivery depending on the location. Therefore, inquire about the prices and condition.

Rush request

For urgent requests, aerial photographs can usually be delivered within 48 hours. The prerequisite is that the weather permits flying.