An aerial shot of your home is nice for on the wall, but it also promotes sales

Aerial view of your home

Do you live in beautiful home in a beautiful area and would like to display it in large format? Or is your home going on sale and you want to promote the sale? Then having an aerial photograph taken of your home is definitely for you.

Aerial photo individuals & businesses

We provide our services to companies as well as individuals. Aeriallive’s aerial photos can be used, as promotional material for brochures, as a presentation tool on a website, but an aerial photo can also be beautiful as decoration on the wall or given as a gift.

On Funda

Aeriallive’s aerial photos fit perfectly within a real estate agent’s presentation or on Funda. Aerial photographs can represent the environment well, but they also have the ability to isolate a plot well. By isolating the plot looks at only the information you want to share with them.