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Looking for an aerial photographer with experience? For aerial shooting, Aeriallive offers a comprehensive service.

Aerial Recording for Resorts & Holiday Destinations
One of our specialties is the production of promotional videos for the tourism industry. We love to travel and we know well what our clients need. With our aerial shots, resorts & vacation parks can be portrayed in an impressive way.

Aeriallive’s aerial shots contribute to a high-profile portfolio that promotes the sale of construction projects, homes or businesses.

For the construction industry, it may be of interest to have periodic aerial surveys of a project to visually monitor progress.

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Aerial photos of your property
Taking aerial shots of houses is a profession. The position of the sun, additional shadows and surroundings are things we take into account when taking an aerial photograph of a property. Before we leave we do a little flight planning we look at when the sun will be the favorable to take the aerial shots. Well done, and this way we always provide our clients with good aerial photos!

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Employing aerial photography will help you achieve your commercial goals. Aerial shots attract attention and have a dynamic character. Whether you want to promote a new car model, enrich a commercial with aerial images, present your hotel or resort from a unique angle on your website, Aeriallive will provide you with the images that fully align with your communication and marketing goals. If necessary, we work with your team.

Drone photographer
Our operational drone team consists of two experienced pilots and two camera operators. Because we have multiple drones, we can be deployed in multiple locations at the same time. The pilot and camera operator have 21 years of experience in the visual arts profession.
For aerial photography, you’ve come to the right place.

The team

Commit to:

  • Commercials
  • Corporate videos
  • Communication and Marketing Projects
  • Television and film productions
  • Aerial photos of real estate objects or news items

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