Have aerial video made? Surprise, amaze and engage your audience with high-profile drone recordings from Aeriallive. Always a certified drone pilot and an experienced videographer.

With the advent of commercial aerial video drones, a new era has arrived for the video industry. Almost every videographer or cinematographer has already discovered the benefits of aerial video on their productions.

Making videos using regular helicopters and airplanes has, of course, been around for a long time. But it wasn’t until 2008 that the technology developed far enough for a home-built drone, drone videos.

Aeriallive started building video drones in 2009, making it one of the first drone recording companies in the Netherlands.

At first, our first drone was only suitable for aerial photography. But after many months of development, we managed to create stable, representative drone videos. A gap in the market as it turned out!
With rapid developments, drones became safer, more stable and the built-in cameras have become so good that they are also suitable for large film productions. Aeriallive has these drones, so with us you are assured of the best quality.

Een drone luchtvideo laten maken met een Inspire 2
What are the costs?

Why an aerial video?

Adding aerial video will add absolute value to all your video productions, commercials or corporate videos. Drone footage is also great for filming vacation parks or sporting events.

Aerial videos have a dynamic nature and can be a powerful component for portraying subjects in spectacular ways. Because aerial videos almost always consist of moving images, the viewer is triggered.

What drones do we use?

To have a drone video made, you have several types of professional drones to choose from.

Our drones are fly-ready within minutes. We are equipped with charging systems that allow us to fly all day. With a maximum speed of 97km/h, we follow a vehicle or ship with ease. And to ensure safety while flying, the drones are equipped with obstacle avoidance sensors, GPS and Return to home.

De FPV Drone Experience
FPV drone video experience
We have also become specialists in creating aerial videos with FPV drones. In this we wear VR glasses and control the drone as if we were in the drone ourselves. This makes it possible to fly very close to objects and through narrow passages of business premises.

Professional service

In order to create high image quality drone videos, we only work with the best aerial video drones. Prior to the recording day, we will carefully go over all your requirements with you and offer advice if desired.

Our team consists of experienced pilots and camera operators and all have backgrounds in the visual arts. Through our experience in imagery and technology, our images will be effective and communicate clearly within all your productions.

Drone opname met een DJI Inspire 2 maken.
High-end drone recordings
Professional drone recordings up to 6K in ProRes, RAW or H265. Our DJI Inspire 2 + X7 gimbal delivers sublime image quality. Our set is complete with 4 prime lenses, ND filters, view monitor and an unlimited power supply.
For precision work, we operate the camera with a camera operator present.
Onze drone piloten staan klaar.
The most modern drone
The DJI Mavic 3 is a perfect choice in many cases. This drone is small but delivers drone images up to 5.2K in the D-Log color profile popular among editors. In addition, this drone is great for the more risk-filled locations.