Have an aerial photo taken with a drone or airplane? Our aerial photos provide a clear representation of your business, home or construction project.

Have an aerial photo taken?

Aerial photo
For a perfect drone photo need a good angle of view, bright incident light and the right height. These are important ingredients for an aerial photograph. Fortunately, our experienced aerial photographers know all about this. We will create the perfect aerial photo for you! Drone photos are suitable for imaging businesses, construction projects, estates and houses.

A unique perspective
Aerial photographs have the unique ability to capture an entire parcel or business park in a single image. In addition, the bird’s eye view allows for good isolation of the subject.

Drone or airplane

Drone or airplane

Aerial photography with a drone or airplane? Which remedy is right for your assignment depends on the location and the result to be achieved. For taking an aerial photograph of large area, an airplane is obvious. But mostly our preference is to use a drone. Our team will be happy to advise you on this.

3D visualizations & 360

At Aeriallive, you are assured of professional customization. Up to very high resolution (max 96MP) for regular photography, 24MP for drone photos and 300MP for 360s.
Aerial shots for 3D visualizations / Artist impressions are made to the nearest meter using GPS coordinates and an altimeter.

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Zowel de drone piloten als onze camera-operators hebben meer dan 23 jaar beroepservaring met fotografie. Daarvan zijn we nu ruim 12 jaar actief als drone fotograaf.

Verwacht van onze luchtfotografen een professioneel resultaat en een zorgvuldige behandeling van je aanvraag. Lees meer over ons team.

Fast delivery

After shooting, we offer you a wide selection of photos. From these, you choose the photos you would like to have delivered in high resolution.
We have extensive knowledge of digital image processing to edit the images if necessary.

Delivery within 24h * on JPG, RAW or TIF format via WeTransfer or by mail.
Express delivery via 4G is available upon request.
*after day of admission.


Aeriallive levert DSLR kwaliteit luchtfoto’s met een van standaard 24 MegaPixels, gecombineerd tot max 100MP. De foto’s worden op RAW+JPG geschoten. RAW zorgt ervoor dat alle belangrijke details behouden blijven. Bij de aanvraag van een Gigapixel foto kunnen wij deze resolutie verhogen tot 1.2GigaPixels.


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Image quality

  • Camera: X7 24MP – Full Frame S1
  • Resolution: up to max 100MP
  • Res. Plane: 32MP
  • Res. 360: 300MP
  • Lens Angle: 7.5-300mm
  • File: JPG + RAW


Het Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam
Amsterdam Central Station
Brouwersgracht Amsterdam
Luchtfoto Rembrandt toren Amsterdam & Amstel
Luchtfoto Kop van Zuid, Rotterdam
Drone opnames Den Haag
Offshore luchtfotografie
Kincardine Off Shore
Erasmusbrug Rotterdam