Aeriallive consists of a team of enthusiastic experienced professionals with many years of experience within photography and video.

Jorrit Pit


Jorrit Pit received his Bachelor of Design from the Academy of Visual Arts in Breda in 2008. In 2004, he began as an independent photographer with Jorrit Pit Photography, from which Aeriallive evolved. With his work he won first prize at a national contest at the Press Museum Amsterdam and was third for The Nikon Photo Prize in 2008 and his work was on display for some time at the Hague Photography Museum.

Nick Wijdeven


Nick Wijdeven is an enthusiastic and driven drone pilot and camera operator who is at home in many markets. In addition to working as a drone pilot and camera operator, he also produces full corporate videos, promotional videos and Internet content under the name “EyeWeb Productions. Consequently, Aeriallive regularly collaborates within the EyeWeb productions.

Drone camera operator

Ruben Renaud


Ruben Renaud received his Bachelor of Design from the Academy of Visual Arts in Breda in 2007. His work has been exhibited regularly and he received several nominations. Ruben has worked as a cameraman and observer since the start of Aeriallive Productions, gaining extensive experience in the drone sector. In addition to working as a camera operator, he specializes in creating longterm timelapse projects.



Making aerial videos has been around for a long time, of course, and at the time this was only possible using regular helicopters and airplanes. In 2007, two Germans marketed construction kits (Mikrokopter) that allowed you to build your own drone that could be equipped with a professional DSLR still camera.


In 2009, we decided to take the gamble and bought a homebrew kit from the two Germans at Mikrokopter. It did not yet have a camera gimbal under it as we know it today. The first camera gimbals were stabilized by servos so they were really only suitable for aerial photography. Making really tight aerial videos was thus not possible.

Because the drones generated a lot of vibrations, all the video footage was unusable and we had to look for solutions to dampen the vibrations.


In 2010, after many months of testing, we managed to create relatively usable aerial video footage that amazed many.
We filmed for the popular TV programs Who is the Mole and Expedition Robinson. But Center Parcs has also become a loyal customer of ours thanks to our drones.

Developments have advanced at a breakneck pace in recent years, and professional aerial recording drones are now easy to purchase without adding much.